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Edo-INSPIRE! is a 500 by 500 Adopt-A-School Campaign that provides an opportunity for Edo State indigenes living in Edo State and diaspora, to join forces with Edo State and support Governor Obaseki’s vision to deliver quality education to every child.

Global Interests

In one year over 20,000 children moved from private schools in the State into neighboring public schools.
The program’s success has attracted the attention and visits from the World Bank Education Global Practice, Jaime Saavedra, and educational tours to study best practice from Education Ministries from other African countries including Rwanda and Sierra Leone

Community Involvement

11,600 Schools-based Management Committee (SBMC) Members trained to strengthen the governance of Edo schools.
Communities are now pulling resources together to support their local school: providing security and other support.
Community groups now actively engaged in ensuring compliance from contractors renovating schools in their communities

Learning Gains

Corporal punishment has been eliminated from our public schools.
Pupils attending EdoBEST in the first 2.5 months of the program learned the equivalent of 70% of an entire year’s worth of instruction in English and 65% in Math.
Pupils were 500% more likely to receive positive narration from a class teacher.
Are 50% more likely to be guided through independent practice during class.
And are 200% more likely to receive feedback from the teacher on their work

Schools of the future are being built
right here in Edo State!

These are schools where all teachers have the right competences and motivation. Here, technology empowers both teachers and administrators. All children, here learn fundamental and social-emotional skills, having the ability to retain learning. These schools are safe and accessible to every child. They are places where children and young people learn with joy, rigor, and purpose. These schools are reaching every child, in every town, every village, and every community.

Join The Movement

With your partnership, you can help transform your community, village, and town and Local Government Area.

Into centers of learning that you can be proud to call your own.

Read through the various catergories of support that are avaialble.

Sign up by selecting a category and fill out the Partnership Form. 

Make your payments directly to the State through the online payment platform or call us to confirm payment at 090