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Edo SUBEB was established as a Parastatal as enshrined in the National UBE Act of 2004. The Edo State UBE law was signed in 2005.

Edo State State Universal Basic Education Board

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Performance is key to the EdoBEST programme. Whether for pupils, teachers, headteachers, trainees or trainers, outstanding outcomes for us mean that we are reaching our objectives. At the recently completed EdoBEST Induction Training of 1,500 teachers and headteachers, outstanding trainees as well as all facilitators were recognised for their immense contribution. "Governor Godwin Obaseki's Education reforms which we now consider legacy, have brought sanity, structure and measurable results for the sector and we are committed to entrenching these reforms for sustainability." - Mrs Ozavize E. Salami The EdoBEST programme is a basic education sector transformation programme targeted at improving education in Edo state through a standardised curriculum, upskilled teachers and a conducive learning environment.


To be a reference for excellence in education systems, governance, and delivery in Nigeria.


To provide, in partnership with all stakeholders, qualitative basic education that is globally competitive, enabled by technology, data and research-driven and delivered by professional teachers for the transformation of the Edo child citizen

“In setting the learning agenda, we looked at three key elements: How do we get our children ready to learn? How do we get them to read?, and how do we get them to learn the skills we need them to learn so that they can be useful to their communities and country?”

—-Governor Obaseki


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2019 Nobel Prize-winning economist, Professor Michael Kremer’s ground-breaking study announced learning gains among the largest ever measured in international education. The impact of the methodology, underpinning EDOBEST, is among the greatest of any rigorously studied intervention in emerging markets.

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