Edo State Governor to host outstanding Edo BEST teachers

Envisioning quality Basic Education in the State, Governor Obaseki is hosting outstanding Head teachers and Teachers in the Edo BEST programme to lunch at the State house.
The Acting Chairman of SUBEB, Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe stated that these Head teachers and Teachers have been selected to have lunch with the governor based on their outstanding performance in their schools and classrooms. She said the new Edo SUBEB administrative style is based on merit and not sentiment, adding that “we want to banish the demons of favoritism, nepotism and cronyism from our teaching corps so that every body’s work and value added is what will speak for them and attract reward to them and not who they know.” On this stance, the teachers to be rewarded were picked based on their positive attitude towards work, creativity and mastery of the Edo BEST teaching pedagogy. Although there are more outstanding Head teachers and Teachers than have been invited to lunch, however, this is only the first step. The SUBEB boss stated that “there are more rewards and recognition initiatives in the pipeline. Essentially, government will reward excellence while penalizing mediocrity.”
The launch of Edo BEST in this academic term is half way through and the lunch with Head teachers and Teachers is an opportunity for Governor Obaseki to appreciate them and to also hear first hand from the Head teachers and teachers what has been happening in schools since the launch of Edo BEST. Those invited to lunch were selected from the 18 Local Government Areas of the state.
The Ag. Chairman mentioned that the Edo digital teachers who were trained within two weeks on how to use technology to deliver lessons have in great numbers performed excellently well just in the first half of the Edo BEST launch.
She also stated that the foreign visitors who toured some of our schools in Benin metropolis commended the State Governor for his innovation in the State.
The Edo BEST teachers have embraced the new development that has in turn brought Innovation and confidence to them as they use their modern teaching methodology in dealing with myriad of challenges in the teaching profession.

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