School Support Services Department

The department is responsible for the following:

  • Oversee the implementation of Basic Education Curriculum in primary and Junior Secondary School
  • Recommend and distribute textbooks and instructional materials to primary schools and j.s.s
  • Oversee registration and transfer of pupils
  • Oversee continuous assessment and examination processes in primary schools and j.s.s
  • Coordination of vocational centers in L.G.E. A’s and schools
  • Establish ECCDE centers in schools
  • Monitor the implementation of the ECCDE curriculum and training of child care givers
  • Monitor nomadic and migrant fisher folk’s education
  • Ensure integration and smooth operation of special needs schools
  • Oversee guidance and counselling activities in schools and training counsellor’s / para counselors
  • Ensure establishment, equipping and maintenance of school libraries
  • Work with the LGEA’s to promote co-curricular activities in schools, conduct of inter school subject and sports activities/ competitions and the activities of uniform clubs and societies
  • Coordinate school health and sanitation activities
  • Provide support to teachers on teaching methodology (pedagogy) and development of teaching aid.
  • Ensure capacity building and adversity support for teachers and head teachers


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Mrs. Mercy Oyarekhua
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