Finance and Accounts Departments

Department of finance and accounts is one of the major departments in SUBEB in charge of receipts and payments. The department is in strict compliance with UBEC laws/ guidelines, financial institutions as well as due process.

The major functions are basically receiving funds both state and federal government as well as donor agencies for capital projects, recurrent expenditures, training and retraining of teachers/ workshops. Major beneficiaries of the funds are contractors who execute capital projects such as construction and renovation of school buildings, procurement of instructional materials for school pupils. The department also remits taxes such as VAT, withholding tax, development levy e.t.c.

The department is spread into four units including main accounts units, cheque volt control unit (CVC), salary unit and cash unit. The department is headed by a director often referred to as the DFA who oversees all the activities of the department, followed by the chief accountant (CA) who controls all the activities in all the units.


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