Social Mobilization Department

Mobilization structure at the state is anchored in the Department of Social Mobilization. The department carry out the followings;

  • Coordinate and mobilization of  basic education programmes in the state
  • Provide guidelines for the implementation of all mobilization activities for the UBEC programmes in the LGEAs
  • LIAISE with the UBEC/ZOnal office in mobilizing support, Funding and Stakeholders involvement in all UBE programmes.
  • Publish the relevant programmes and attainment of the UBE programme in the State.
  • Ensure the active collaboration of all stakeholders for, participating in the execusion, monitoring and evaluation of all basic education delivery process.
  • Undertake mobilization activities towards addressing peculiar basic education challenges prevalent in the state.
  • Assist in the setting up of relevant UBE mobilization committee at the state, LGA and community.
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Mrs. Juliana Ogedegbe
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